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Lonely university student. Needing just a little bit of help with my tuition.


This section last updated Tuesday the 12th of January 2021

Name: Ying

Gender: female - verified (yes) information

Relationship Status: Single

Children: Click to reveal

Ethnicity: Asian

Nationality: Thai

Country: Thailand

Town: Click to reveal

Age: 23 - verified (yes) information

Birth Day: 2nd of October - verified (yes) information

Height: 157 cm | 5'1

Weight: 46 kg | 101 lbs

Cup Size: B

Shoe Size: 36

Employment Status: private

Monthly Income: 0 + See the Goals page for any additional income made this month.

Favorite Color: Click to reveal

Favorite Drink: Click to reveal

Favorite Food: Click to reveal


Date of birth, Age, and Gender are verified by checking either official ID Cards or Passports.

Verified (yes) means their Official ID/Passport was checked and matches what they entered for this item.

Verified (pending) means we are waiting to view their Official ID/Passport to verify if this item is correct.

Verified (no) means their Official ID/Passport was checked and does NOT matches what they entered for this item.


Children are defined as being under the age of 18 and under the direct care of Ying. Any child over 18 or those not under the direct care of Ying will not be counted.


Food is considered the most important need as without it, you will die. To get this number, we took what we believed is the bare minimum needed per day for food (0 baht) and multiplied that by 30 days to get the monthly total (0 baht). This amount is then multiplied again depending upon how many children under the age of 18 they might be financially responsible for (0 children) to get the total (0 baht).

Money received for this goal is distributed daily to assure Ying has enough to eat every day possible.


Rent is important so that Ying has a place to stay. To make sure rent is paid, we usually send rent money directly to the landlord at the end of each month.


Utilities are usually paid directly to the utilities companies to assure they are paid.


Cellular bill is paid directly to the cellular phone company.


Tuition bill is paid directly to the university.


When the TOTAL received is less than 100%, all money received is used to pay the Goals listed on this page, in the order they are listed. If everything listed on this page is at 100% then money is used to pay the items listed on the Wants page.

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